Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom


Just Yesterday i just got a glimpse of the trailer to the next sequel to one of my most favorite movie series ever Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom releases June 22, 2018

A series of clips of teasers have been shown all last week in the leading build up for the reveal trailer that launched on Thursday night 12/7/17

Now i love dinosaurs every since i was a little kid i loved animals especially dinosaurs! Why? you may ask? well …. look at them nothing thats alive on earth today looks like anything like them. they look bizarre, amazing and down right makes the life of the past world that more interesting. when i was a kid i had to choose star wars or Jurassic park  hands down i chose Jurassic park seeing dinosaurs on the big screen was an amazing experience and the finally see it in the movie theater when Jurassic world was released in june 2015 was the first ever time i saw a Jurassic movie in a theater and this coming June ill be doing it again for the fallen kingdom.


so far what is known is that the new film takes place 7 years after the events of jurassic world where now the volcano on the island has become active and the need to relocate and protect the dinosaur species on the island from going extinct becomes a huge issue so huge in fact the law/ treaty passed in the earlier films that states that  forbids any visitors to the islands belonging to the igen company in order to protect the dinosaurs and the life of the other creatures that lived there now has come up to debate in the U.S. supreme court as Dr, Ian Malcolm who returns from the first and second films to speak on his behalf on the issue to protect the dinosaurs and save them from being wiped out. as it has been quoted in the last film that “extinct animals have no rights  we created them ” which has sparked concern on whether or not these creatures deserved to be saved or not.  Claire who in the first film hated dinosaurs and view them as names on a list and as dumb animals  decides to forge a dinosaur protection agency to save the creatures from being completely wiped out. she teams up with owen grady the former raptor trainer from the first film to help on the mission where claire black mails owen into going stating “blue” a raptor raised from  birth by owen is still alive on the island.

Here is one of the teaser trailers along with the other ones playing after in a playlist

many creatures from the first 4 films return along with many new ones including carnotaurus,  and rexy the trex that made her debut from the first film from 1993 who serves as the primary anti-hero throughout all the films of the series frequently coming to save the main characters from prehistoric threats. ever so often. not much other than that they will be more dinosaurs more than we have every seen in a jurassic movie before and it will be something we have never seen before. only time will tell. Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom releases June 22,2018.



any ways thanks again for reading i cant wait to see the movie

as always till next time ———->>>>>>>>>>>>>>> miker

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