The Last Few Days of The Semester : Fall 2017

Well its the Last few days of school and i know many of you are all thinking that schools already over already

classes ended the Tuesday , December 12th, 2017 right?




Well okay maybe not completely wrong.

you are right that  classes ended on the 12th of December 2017

As displayed by York College academic calendar .


School itself is not over …..Yet!

The semester ends on Wednesday the 20th of December 2017.

okay so dont be relaxing just yet

The semester ends when finals are officially over Period!

So hit up the books and start Studying for real this time!?

you`ll need it cause well ….. of course the final is basically a test of everything you learned this semester for a course

right? you would not want to give your professor the impression that your grades before where a fluke, or be presumed that you where cheating? you want to make sure that you actually learned something and have proof to show it to your professor right?

good!!  so get to studying !

just like our friend here, Right Homer?

well seems like he is to busy studying to talk.

looks like he`s working hard for that A++++

and you should too!!!

get off this post and open your book!!!!

anyways good luck on your finals everyone.

study hard !

thanks for reading as always


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