I Got The Job!!!!!!!!!!

well this post is about………………

well the title gives it away a bit .

But what kind of job did i get ? Well as far as i know im most likely going to be hired. just need to fill out a little paper work.

The job i got was to work as a Computer Science Tutor for the Math Learning Center at CUNY York College.

The need for a new C.S. Tutor is in great demand thanks to a few friendsĀ  that constantly recommended me to work at the center to tutor kids , many of these friends work as tutors themselves at the math learning center. They told me that since im one of the top 3 Students in Computer Science that i should help everyone and get paid while doing it since i tutor and help people for free all the time. But this isnt just for the money its a chance for me to let everyone know that i am open to help and that the school will stand for me as a reputable tutor. and i can put this on my resume as experience. another skill and $ added to my name.




i was reluctant at first as i felt like i was not qualified to work there iĀ  dont have a 3.5 GPA thats crazy but turns out that with a good GPA and good grades in the courses i wanted to tutor, an unofficial transcript, and with a letter of recommendation from a Computer Science professor i will be allowed to work at the tutoring center. Thanks to 4 of my friends that work at the center for constantly bothering me to apply and work for the center and not taking a no from me as answer i final decided to go just to get them to stop bothering me. but im glad i did i get to be paid to teach what i love and what im amazing at another reason to say that i belong in this field. also im here most of the time in school for most of the day even when i dont have classes im at school so i could just work during these hours ill also get to meet new people and teach many people the wonders of computer science and hopefully ill inspire many to pursue a career in it.

i look forward to working as a tutor at York college in the 2018 spring semester.

ill be working in as little as a few weeks after the spring semester starts ….hopefully

see your soon!


Thanks for Reading as always ————->>>>>>>>>>> miker

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