My Final Post For CT-101: Digital Story Telling

  Well i guess its coming to the end of the  Fall 2017 semester. And this class ……..   This class was…….. well a new experience for me. i never had a class that would give you your own website. thats really cool mines is @ link to my friends website who suggested me […]

My Story: Why I Wear the Hoodie

Now its story time. Its time to clear up all the question many people have been asking me all semester. Why do you always where a hoodie??!!!     Well to answer this question we must first answer this one ,who Im i ?   Well ………um……My name is Michael Ramoutar i am a computer […]

I Got The Job!!!!!!!!!!

well this post is about……………… well the title gives it away a bit . But what kind of job did i get ? Well as far as i know im most likely going to be hired. just need to fill out a little paper work. The job i got was to work as a Computer […]

The Last Few Days of The Semester : Fall 2017

Well its the Last few days of school and i know many of you are all thinking that schools already over already classes ended the Tuesday , December 12th, 2017 right? Wrong!!!!!!     Well okay maybe not completely wrong. you are right that  classes ended on the 12th of December 2017 As displayed by […]

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

  Just Yesterday i just got a glimpse of the trailer to the next sequel to one of my most favorite movie series ever Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom releases June 22, 2018 A series of clips of teasers have been shown all last week in the leading build up for the reveal trailer that launched […]

helping people: how good are you really?

“A man who works endlessly  at his craft , is one who will fail to enjoy life entirely” -miker “being on top alone is no fun in the end , a true fighter craves to fight whoever attempts to take his crown.” Now before i even attempt to explain any of these quotes let me […]

Fps engine project

  So after researching video games for a while i came across the idea of writing an FPS engine just something basic it doesnt have to do much all i wanted to know is how to do the basics  and what a basic fps engine would look like here is what i have came up […]

Lexical Analyzer for C++ Programming Language

HI! So this semester in my CS-357 class i was assigned a project to create a lexical analyzer that would scan a a file and print out the lexemes and tokens of the file. which basically means that my program must scan a file and identify all the symbols, operators, reserved words, aka the programming […]

Adding $ to your name.

Hi There im back . im here to talk about a life lesson / philosophy my dad has told me since i was little “Always become better with what you do the more skills you have the more money you add to your name.”     what this quote basically means here that everyone on […]